Extreme Stopwatch app for iPhone and iPad

4.3 ( 9473 ratings )
Games Arcade Family
Developer: Tristen Unrau
Current version: 1.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 04 Mar 2015
App size: 8.3 Mb

Thought stopwatches were boring? THINK AGAIN!

Enter Extreme Stopwatch: the most extreme stopwatch game in all of spacetime (were pretty sure)! Its got score streaks, its got sounds, and lights, and DISTRACTING FLASHING RAINBOW MESSAGES!

Here are some Frequently (hypothetically) Asked Questions:

Q: "What makes this stopwatch so extreme? My other stopwatch is fine.”
A: Your other stopwatch is scum! This premium stopwatch from Alarming Development IS A GAME that starts at one minute, and COUNTS DOWN to zero. You have to hit the big button on an exact second ONE HUNDRED TIMES before the timer reaches zero to win.

Q: "But how is that possible??? Theres only 60 seconds in a minute!"
A: This stop watch is SO EXTREME that it can MANIPULATE TIME ITSELF! Score streaks of 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 give you BONUS TIME (5, 15, 45, 120, and 260 seconds, respectively)!!! Thats extra time created out of THIN AIR for your mere amusement. Impress your friends!

Q: "Im a competitive sportsman. How can I laud my achievements over the dismayed heads of my loved ones?"
A: High Scores are recorded when you win, and displayed proudly in the Game Center.

Q: “Woah!! Where did this increased sense of self-worth come from?”
A: Anything positive that happens to you could be a result of playing EXTREME STOPWATCH!

Don’t wait! Play EXTREME STOPWATCH now… before time runs out.